Celebrate women in agriculture!

By Mona Weiss, BWC Industrial Safety Consultant Specialist

(Mona Weiss at home on her family’s 9-acre hobby farm in Lucas County.)

Agriculture is one of the most satisfying and exciting cultures which is why many women, like me, have chosen to work in this field. In addition to my duties as BWC Industrial Safety Consultant, I have enjoyed many years working in agriculture.

Despite the physically demanding work and often long days, women enjoy a plethora of benefits and opportunities unique to our world of farming: 

  • We get to integrate our home life comfortably and seamlessly with our work life.
  • We enjoy the benefit of having support and forming bonds with our farming family and community.
  • We get to work outdoors and stay physically active.
  • We enjoy a variety of interesting and complex tasks throughout our days. To most who grew up in a farming family, this work is our lifeblood, and it comes as second nature to us. Our task-driven stress levels tend to be much lower, providing relaxation and an almost meditative state.
  • In many cases, we are working toward a common goal, often with our parents, siblings, spouse, and children.
  • There will always be a need to feed our planet, which makes agricultural work one of the most secure careers one can have.  

Another bonus: as we age, farming can provide a career for the next generation. We can mentor our own children, as well as local and national agriculture youth groups such as 4-H and Future Farmers of America (FFA). We can pass along our knowledge, experience, and insights.

With all these positives of the agricultural lifestyle, a savvy woman will work to ensure that she remains healthy, safe, and physically comfortable enough to thrive for years. In fact, statistically, we enjoy more longevity in our field, as the average retirement age of American farmers is 75. Recently, a variety of educational opportunities have become available for women in agriculture to learn more about the health, safety, and vitality that will ultimately enhance our vocational opportunities. Check out some of the free resources below.

Join us for Protecting the Safety of Women in Ag Week from June 27 – July 1. Each day, AgriSafe will host a different safety and health webinar dedicated to protecting women’s safety while working in agriculture.

BWC’s Division of Safety & Hygiene also has resources available for workers in the agricultural industry. We’ve partnered with the Ohio Farm Bureau to share safety information for agriculture workers. We also invite employers to take advantage of our free safety consultation services that can help all types of agricultural businesses, including small family farms, industrial agriculture operations, food production, food service, and other agribusiness operations.

Additional Resources

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