Check Smart clerk outsmarts phony owner of BWC rebate check

BWC investigators report 9 convictions in October

An Akron sex offender added forgery to his criminal record last month after a clerk at a Check Smart thwarted his attempt to cash a $5,500 rebate check from the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) that belonged to a church-owned day care center.

“We have to give credit to the clerk, she made our job easy,” said Jim Wernecke, director of BWC’s special investigations department (SID). “She could tell the man added his name to the check and he wasn’t the rightful owner. But instead of simply turning him away, she took his picture, photocopied his driver’s license and had him fill out an application. Then she confiscated the check and refused to cash it.”

A Summit County judge sentenced Keith A. Galloway, 45, to one year in prison Oct. 24 after Galloway pleaded guilty to forgery, a fifth-degree felony. The judge ordered the term be served concurrently with Galloway’s three-year sentence on unrelated drug charges and for failing to register his address with the Summit County Sheriff’s Office.

Galloway attempted to cash the rebate check in July 2017. The check was part of BWC’s $1 billion rebate to Ohio employers that year.

In other news, SID secured eight other workers’ comp fraud or fraud-related convictions in October, bringing calendar year 2018’s total to 72. In order of most recent court case, those convicted include:

Jason Moffitt of Columbus
Moffitt pleaded guilty Oct. 31 to one count of workers compensation fraud, a first-degree misdemeanor, after investigators found he had falsified records to increase his BWC cash benefits. He was sentenced to three months incarceration, which was suspended for two years of community control on the condition he pay BWC $5,325 in restitution.

Philip Ayers, dba Ayers Transportation Services, of Cincinnati
Ayers pleaded guilty Oct. 24 in Hamilton County to one count of workers’ compensation fraud, a first-degree misdemeanor, after BWC found him operating his business with lapsed coverage and non-compliant claims filed against his policy. A judge sentenced Ayers to two years of probation and ordered him to maintain full-time employment and cooperate fully with BWC and the Ohio Attorney General’s office on his payment plan to BWC. Ayers owes BWC more than $159,000.

Kurt Ballish, dba Kurt Ballish Construction & Custom Decks, of Chardon
Ballish pleaded guilty Oct. 22 to two misdemeanor counts of failure to comply, the same charges he pleaded guilty to in 2016. A judge in Chardon Municipal Court sentenced Ballish to one year of probation in lieu of 90 days in jail and ordered Ballish to pay fines and court costs totaling $642 by Nov. 30. Ballish owes BWC nearly $19,000.

Frank Krailler, dba Transmission Specialists of Montgomery, of Cincinnati
Krailler pleaded guilty Oct. 22 in Hamilton County to one count of workers’ compensation fraud, a first-degree misdemeanor, after BWC discovered him operating his business without workers’ comp coverage. As part of his plea deal, Krailler paid $4,000 in restitution.

Gyorgy Benedek of Columbus
Benedek, owner of Maintenance Free Building Services Inc., pleaded guilty Oct. 18 in Franklin County to a reduced charge of failure to comply after submitting a check to BWC for $43,069 in restitution.

Penny Sibila of Canton
Sibila must pay BWC $26,719 in restitution after pleading guilty to a fifth-degree felony charge of workers’ compensation fraud Oct. 18 in a Franklin County courtroom. Acting on a tip, BWC investigators found Sibila working as a property manager for an apartment complex while collecting BWC benefits for an injury she suffered in 2014. In addition to restitution, a judge sentenced Sibila to two years of non-reporting probation in lieu of a seven-month jail sentence.

Thomas Banig of Cleveland
Banig pleaded guilty Oct. 17 to one count of workers’ compensation fraud, a first-degree misdemeanor, after he filed a false claim in 2014 against an employer he had not worked for since 2003. A judge sentenced Banig to 180 days incarceration, suspended for one year of community control.

Rami Khayat, dba Triple Auto Sales, of Cleveland
Khayat pleaded guilty Oct. 1 to one count of failure to comply, a second-degree misdemeanor, after BWC found he was operating his business without BWC coverage. A judge ordered Khayat to pay BWC $965 in restitution.

To report suspected workers’ compensation fraud, call 1-800-644-6292 or visit

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