Working while receiving?

By Jeff Baker, Program Administrator, BWC Special Investigations Department

Working while receiving benefits is one of the most common types of fraud our investigators uncover. In fiscal year 2017, 57 out of 133 criminal convictions were claimants working while receiving lost time benefits to which they were not entitled.

Working while receiving is one of the most obvious and flagrant abuses of the system. It is particularly regrettable since the claimants were, at one time, truly injured and entitled to workers’ compensation benefits.

We make every effort to ensure that each claimant knows the well-established rules. The fraud warning messages are clear, explicit and conspicuously placed on forms. For example, a fraud warning message (pictured below) appears on the BWC form to be signed by a claimant to request temporary total lost time benefits.

Fortunately, the vast majority of claimants return to work when they are able and notify BWC that they intend to do so. They understand and accept that their lost time benefits achieved their essential purpose – they provided compensation while the claimant temporarily could not work and was recuperating from an accident, illness or injury.

No matter how clever an individual may be, if he or she commits the crime of returning to work while receiving workers’ compensation benefits, the tell-tale signs remain. Rest assured, we are looking for, investigating, and prosecuting these cases. They will lose their lost time benefits and perhaps their freedom as well.

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