Funeral escort earns felony conviction for work comp fraud

Judge shows little sympathy, orders $10K in restitution

A Columbus man injured in 2014 while working as a motorcycle escort for funeral processions must reimburse the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) more than $10,400 after pleading guilty to workers’ compensation fraud Wednesday in a Columbus courtroom.

Acting on a tip, BWC investigators conducted surveillance and collected evidence proving Oran Lewis, 66, worked for two different funeral homes in 2015 while collecting disability benefits from BWC.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re driving a vehicle or doing hard labor — it’s against the law to collect disability benefits from BWC when you’re also working and making a living,” said Jim Wernecke, director of BWC’s special investigations department. “What’s more, we’re not talking about a one-time incident or occasional odd job here and there. We found Mr. Lewis performing this service 29 times between May and October of 2015.”

Lewis confessed to the crime and cooperated with BWC when he was approached by agents.

A Franklin County Court of Common Pleas judge also sentenced Lewis to 180 days in jail (suspended) and one year of probation for the fifth-degree felony.

To report suspected workers’ compensation fraud, call 1-800-644-6292 or visit

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