Plinko, prizes and promotion highlight BWC’s return to the fair

By the BWC Occupational Safety and Hygiene Fellows

A few weeks back, we were fortunate to be among the exhibitors at the Ohio State Fair. During our 12 days on-site, we estimate we interacted with at least 5,000 fairgoers at our booth.

People of all ages were curious and excited to stop by our booth to try their hand at Safety Plinko. Children were eager to play and delighted to take home prizes – outlet guards, cooling towels, safety glasses and earplugs – to help keep them safe from hazards at home. In less than two weeks, our representatives handed out hundreds of informational pamphlets and thousands of safety giveaways to fairgoers.

The plink, plink, plink of chips dropping down the board drew a crowd and brought smiles to entire families. Kids were most attracted to the colorful safety glasses they could wear, just like their parents. To earn prizes, we asked Plinko players questions to help promote awareness and educate them (in a fun way) on how to be Safe at Work and Safe at Home.

Participants appreciated the insight on common safety practices for home and the workplace, and our employees were excited to provide potentially life-saving information to everyone from grandparents on down to school-age children. The fair was also a chance for us to talk about our Division of Safety & Hygiene’s programs and services available to Ohio employers at no extra cost.

The Ohio State Fair was an outstanding venue for us to reach the public and educate Ohioans on ways to protect themselves on and off the clock. Thanks to all who stopped by our booth!

Handout – Safe at Work, Safe at Home


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