Don’t look at the sun and other not-so-obvious tips!

By Sharon Roney, BWC Library Administrator

Monday, Aug. 21, will be the first solar eclipse to pass over the continental United States since 1979.

Ohio will not experience a total eclipse, which is where the shadow of the moon totally blocks the sunlight hitting the earth. We will experience between 85 to 95 percent totality depending on where you are in Ohio – less in the northeast corner of the state and more in the southwest.

What this means for you is that it will be unsafe anywhere in Ohio to look at the eclipse as it is happening without appropriate protection. There will always be a small area of the sun uncovered by the moon. So, what is appropriate protection?

  1. Special eclipse glasses that comply with the ISO 12312-2 international safety standard
  2. Welders glasses with at least shade 12 lenses
  3. Telescopes or binoculars with solar filters

If you work outdoors you may be tempted to take a peek at the sun when the eclipse is at its fullest here. Don’t! You will damage your eyes, possibly permanently.

Be sure to inform anyone working on a job site about this danger. If employees want to go outside to view the eclipse, warn them of the dangers. Visit NASA’s website for detailed eclipse information, including eclipse safety.

An eclipse is an interesting experience. The air will become cooler, streetlights may come on and birds may stop singing. Even if you don’t view the sun through your protective lenses, the experience of an eclipse is unique. Stop and look around at the changes it brings to your environment.

If you miss this eclipse, the next one to visit our area will be in April 2024 and a large part of northwestern Ohio will be in its path on that date. If you really get the eclipse bug, you can find worldwide future eclipse events at the Great American Eclipse website.

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