Workers’ Comp: Adapt or fall behind

By Kendra DePaul, BWC Other States Coverage Manager

I had the opportunity to attend the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) 2017 Annual Issues Symposium earlier this month. NCCI presents a word that describes the industry as a whole and sets the tone for the conference each year. That word this year was “adapting.”

As Bill Donnell, president and chief executive officer for NCCI, kicked off the conference, he explained how important it is for workers’ compensation to stay relevant in a world that is consistently changing. He provided Blockbuster Video as an example of a company that failed because they did not see the changes coming and adjust to keep up with the times.

As technology was moving towards streaming television and videos, Blockbuster Video did not anticipate how these changes were going to affect them and actually turned down an opportunity to purchase Netflix. This inability to see the writing on the wall contributed to their ultimate demise.

The theme that resonated throughout the conference is that we as an industry cannot afford to get stuck where we are. If we want to continue to be successful in serving our customers, we have to continue to adapt. Bill believes the industry has the capacity and talent to weave the changing technology into our everyday activities and predicted continued growth and development well into the future.

Reflecting on this need to adapt, I began to think about all the things BWC is doing to adapt and ensure our customers are getting the services they desire. The first thing that came to mind is the initiative to update BWC’s website to make it more user friendly. BWC’s website has A LOT of good information. But in a time when attention spans are getting shorter by the day, no one wants to comb through piles of information to find what they need.

Our customers want us to know what they need and put it front and center on the website so that they can find it quickly. I know the Administrator is particularly excited about the new website and the ability to provide information to customers in the way they desire. There is talk about a mobile app, push notification and other needed updates. I know I pay my bills, check into flights and generally manage my life from my mobile phone so I am excited to see how the new web changes will streamline and simplify interactions for our customers.

I am also excited about BWC’s recent announcement to invest $6 million for a new health and wellness program for small Ohio employers. We only get one body to live in, so investing in our health is essential to a happy and healthy life.  In addition, the research continues to show that employees who get injured are much more likely to have positive outcomes and return to work if they are healthy pre-injury.  Investing in Ohio’s workforce wellness is another great example of how BWC is adapting to serve its customers.

Internally, we have recently launched the Nimble and Agile workgroup to continue discussions on what we can do to stay relevant and adapt with the changing world. The workgroup is working on crisis management planning to ensure BWC resources are ready in the event of a policyholder crisis. They are also exploring ways to foster innovation and encourage staff to collaborate on improvements. Finally, they are planning the launch of a new internal wellness program to encourage BWC staff to strive for wellness of mind, body and spirit.

“Adapting” is an appropriate word to describe the workers’ comp industry. I’m pleased my employer recognizes and understands the importance of the word. We’ll continue to work toward a more flexible system ready to adjust to our customers’ changing needs.

I look forward to hearing next year’s word. No matter what it is, I suspect Ohio will be well prepared to meet whatever challenge it presents.

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