Have you planned your Stand-Down to Prevent Falls event yet?

By Erik Harden, BWC Public Information Officer

Quick question: Do you know the most frequently cited violation by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)? Don’t peek at the link. The answer is lack of proper fall protection.

Injuries from falls have plagued workplaces of all types for centuries, and they remain the leading cause of death in the construction industry. The most unfortunate part is many of these injuries and fatalities could have been prevented with proper equipment, training and awareness.

To raise the level of awareness, OSHA promotes an annual National Safety Stand-Down to Prevent Falls, and encourages employers across the nation to hold events in conjunction with the multi-day event. This year’s stand-down dates are May 8-12. As always, the stand-down encourages employers to pause during their workday for topic discussions, safety demonstrations, and trainings in hazard recognition and fall prevention.

It’s not too late for your company or organization to plan a stand-down event. We’re here if you need help planning your activity. Just call 1-800-644-6292 for assistance.

We’re also promoting stand-down events in two locations – one in Pickerington at the Ohio Center for Occupational Safety and Health (OCOSH); the other in Austintown. More may be added in the coming weeks. To see other events in Ohio and across the nation, visit the OSHA’s Stand-Down events page.

Honeywell Safety Products will provide the free training at the May 12 event at OCOSH. It will feature a fall protection trailer demonstration and classroom instruction. Learn more here.

The May 10 Austintown event (hosted by BOAK and Sons, Inc.) starts at 7:30 a.m. For more information, contact BWC’s David Costantino at 330-301-5825 or via email at David.C.12@bwc.state.oh.us.

Finally, don’t forget the BWC Library also offers an extensive collection of audiovisual materials related to fall hazards and fall prevention.

Let’s all take a stand-down to prevent falls in Ohio!

For more information
OSHA’s National Safety Stand-Down to Prevent Falls webpage
CPWR’s Stop Construction Falls webpage

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