It’s here! Knowledge is key at OSC

By Abe Al-Tarawneh, Ph.D., Superintendent, BWC Division of Safety & Hygiene

In a previous blog post I said … better knowledge is the single common denominator for improving lives. It’s an adage – some might even call it a motto – which I believe in quite strongly.

Bringing knowledge to Ohio’s workforce, employers, safety professionals, and healthcare providers is also the driving force behind our annual Ohio Safety Congress & Expo, which opens today at the Greater Columbus Convention Center.

Today through Friday we will welcome thousands of attendees who are seeking the know-how to help them make their workplaces safer and to protect the health and well-being of their workers. The goal of OSC17 is also to make them think of their own safety adages or mottos – their rules to live by so to speak.

We’re looking to have this conversation via hundreds of educational sessions and face-to-face interactions with visitors this week. Our hope is to make this the beginning of an ongoing dialog with employers to further our common goal of making Ohio’s workplaces the safest in the nation.

Attendees can also learn more about hundreds of cutting-edge products and services in the OSC17 Expo Marketplace. They may also find inspiration from the five employers showcasing their innovative solutions to safety issues in our Safety Innovation Awards section of the expo. In the middle of the Expo, you can find our BWC booth to answer all your safety, risk management, and workers’ compensation questions.

I see first-hand the planning and preparation that goes into this event every year by our staff as well as the commitment of our planning committees, guest speakers and expo vendors. I truly appreciate these efforts and the benefits they bring for our attendees.

While you’re at OSC17, take some time to explore, discover and share your experience on social media using hashtag #OSC17. Even more important, I hope you take the knowledge you gain at OSC17 back to your organization and use it to keep your colleagues and yourself safe and healthy at work and at home.

I hope you enjoy your experience!

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