Do you know the no-zone?

By Melissa Vince, BWC Public Relations Manager

America’s roadways can be hazardous places. Our treks to and from work, the grocery store and the kids’ soccer practice can turn tragic on icy or wet roads, or when we encounter a distracted or intoxicated driver.

In fact, the National Safety Council reported a 6 percent jump in vehicle fatalities in 2016 following a 7 percent increase in 2015. While we already understand the need for caution and patience behind the wheel, these stats are useful reminders that can help quell complacency every time we pull out of the driveway.

But have you considered the added danger to those who spend their entire workday on the road; those whose office is the cab of a tractor trailer? The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports transportation incidents lead to the most fatal work injuries in 2015, accounting for 26 percent of all fatal work injuries. Many of those incidents involve truck drivers hauling and delivering the goods we use every day. They must take every precaution because the very nature of their work places them at a high risk of injury or worse as they go about their work day.

One thing we can do to help keep them, and all of us who share the road with them, safe is by taking a little walk in their shoes – or literally a sit in their seat. Have you considered that the view from the driver’s seat in a delivery truck is much different than the view from our sedans or even pickup trucks; and dramatically different from the cabin of a tractor trailer? In fact, a perfectly attentive and cautious truck driver could have no idea you’re driving right next to them no matter how many times he checks his mirrors.

Don’t believe it? Check out this photo taken from the cab of the YRC Freight/Ohio State Highway Patrol No-Zone demonstration that’s set up today in the expo marketplace at BWC’s Ohio Safety Congress and Expo.

Now here’s a shot from the outside of the truck.

Yep, that car was there the whole time but it’s parked in the no-zone.

That’s the purpose of the no-zone demo – to give the public the opportunity to actually sit in the driver seat of a semi-tractor trailer to learn about blind spots and how they can drive more safely around the many commercial vehicles they encounter daily.

“The danger of the no-zone is that the truck driver can hit you and not even know it until he feels the collision,” said Mike St. Clair, Safety Team Manager for YRC Freight.

So what is the best thing to do when you find yourself in the no-zone?

Mike’s advice is simple: get out of the no-zone by getting around the truck.

“Your best option is to pass trucks in a safe manner,” Mike said.

Are you attending Safety Congress this week? Stop by the no-zone demo at booth 136 so you know the no-zone.

While you’re there, check out everything else Safety Congress has to offer. We’re at the Greater Columbus Convention Center through Friday.

You will also be able to catch the no-zone demo at the Ohio State Fair this summer.

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