Employer finalists embody spirit of safety innovation

By Erik Harden, Public Information Officer, BWC Communications Department


We know employers all over the state are continually seeking ways to improve the safety and well-being of their employees. So to spotlight these innovative employers and their ingenuity, we sponsor the Safety Innovation Awards Program.

We created the program to recognize and reward employer ingenuity that results in risk reduction, cost savings, and potential application to other workplaces, industries or operations. Innovations can range from a newly–created piece of equipment, tool, process or method to an existing one that has been improved or used in a new or creative way.

After careful consideration of dozens of applications and visits to the sites of 10 semifinalists, we are pleased to announce the following employers as the five finalists for the 2017 Safety Innovation Awards.

Ames Arboreal Group (Columbus) – JosieBea micrograpple truck
A truck with a mechanical boom and small grapple that is used to lift tree limbs and pieces of the trunk into the trailer to eliminate the need for using a wood chipper

C&K Industrial Services, Inc. (Cleveland) – Hydroblasting robots
All-terrain, remote-controlled robots that use high-pressure water for cleaning industrial equipment and facilities, and to eliminate sustained, forceful gripping and manipulation of the spray wands

Holloway, Henderson & Martin, LLC (Pickerington) – Scaffold caddy
A custom-designed cart that was developed to eliminate the manual carrying of scaffold components into buildings

ICP Adhesives and Sealants (Norton) – Pneumatically-operated cylinder clamp
A pneumatic clamping mechanism that eliminates repetitive, manual squeezing and releasing of filling nozzle clamps when filling cylinders with product

Suburban Steel Supply Company (Gahanna) – Electric Transfer Cart
Motorized, pendant-operated carts that run on tracks through a fabrication shop to eliminate manual pushing of carts loaded with large, heavy structural steel components

The five finalists will present their innovations to a three-judge panel and the public at our Ohio Safety Congress & Expo 2017 (OSC17) in Columbus on March 8-10.

A panel of independent judges will select the winners using a number of criteria, including risk reduction, innovation, return on investment, potential for other employers to use the innovation and presentation quality. OSC17 attendees will determine the recipient of The People’s Choice award.

We will present the awards and monetary prizes during a ceremony at Safety Congress. However, the real winners are the employees of these companies. Innovations like the ones listed above help workers stay safe and healthy, increase productivity and morale, and produce long-term cost savings.

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