A year of blogging

The BWC Blog just reached its one year anniversary in October. We launched this blog back in 2015 and named it Prevention & Care to demonstrate our commitment to both preventing workplace injuries and caring for workers who are injured on the job. We’ve enjoyed sharing all the most recent updates from BWC, and helpful information and tips on a range of topics here on the blog in 2016.

Celebrating our first full year, we pulled our most popular blogs and found they cover a range of issues from fraud to safe outdoor grilling. Click through the top five to see our most popular blogs of the year:

  1. Lima business owner conspires with acquaintance to evade workers’ comp coverage
  2. Ohio border no longer a barrier
  3. There is no “all states” endorsement
  4. OSC16 – a look back in photos
  5. Before you start to grill – remember hank hill

Now we invite you to peruse the entire blog for much more you may have missed this year!

Thank you for following the BWC Blog. It’s been a great year and we look forward to digging even deeper into workers’ comp issues here on this blog in 2017.

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