Ergonomics Month spotlight: Lima company not just going through the (repetitive) motions

By Melissa Vince, BWC Public Relations Manager

Here’s a recipe for workplace injury. Just start with a 17-step manufacturing process that produces 50 parts per hour. Mix in at least 7,200 hand motions per employee over each eight-hour shift. Repeat the process day in and day out and the end result is quite unappetizing: an elevated risk of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Tendonitis.

That was the dilemma Randall Bearings, Inc. faced as the company went about its work to manufacture precision machined products, primarily bronze material, for its clients in a number of industries around the world. So the Lima company introduced a new ingredient that protects its employees from injury by reducing repetitive motion.

The company purchased this robotic arm that grasps parts and maneuvers them throughout the 17-step process involved in the manufacturing process.


The new addition is reducing the risk of injury to employees.

“We are excited about the possibilities this provides for a safer work environment for our associates,” said Mary Dupes, Human Resources Director for Randall Bearings.

Hear from Dupes and BWC Administrator/CEO Sarah Morrison in this WLIO–TV Lima story.


Also, National Ergonomics Month is a great time to consider how you can improve ergonomics in your workplace. Mike Lampl, BWC’s Ergonomics Technical Advisor, offers some insight into ergonomics and tips for avoiding injuries in his latest blog here.

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