SID Annual in-service training – An opportunity to recognize our own – Part 3 of 3

By Jeff Baker, Program Administrator, BWC Special Investigations Department

In our constant quest for improvement, all members of the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation Special Investigations Department (SID) annually complete in-service training. On Sept. 14, led by SID Director James Wernecke, we shared investigative successes, acknowledged team results, and presented individual awards.

Preparations: In August, all 126 SID employees had been invited to nominate a peer to receive an individual award. A management committee furnished behavioral characteristics for use by SID employees when submitting written justifications for any peer nomination. These characteristics varied according to the type of award: Innovator; Excellence; and Leadership. In reviewing all nominations, the committee members found that imminently qualified professionals were nominated by their colleagues. Ultimately, the committee selected the six most-worthy SID employees.

Presentations: These talented and dedicated professionals received their awards at the culmination of the Sept. 14 event.

Four special agents with the SID Health Care Provider Team (HCPT) received Innovator awards. They met criteria including: developed trend-setting initiatives, created an original idea or uniquely adapted an existing program, process or concept, which resulted in a long term benefit to the department; developed new work methods that reduced waste or stretched resources; and provided creative suggestions that saved the department time or money.

A special agent with considerable field training officer experience from the southeast regional claimant special investigations unit (SIU) earned the Excellence award. The special agent met four standards including: performing duties or providing services to others that are beyond the professional’s assigned responsibilities; working on special projects within the department; volunteering or contributing to organizations outside the department; and demonstrating an ability and willingness to work positively, respectfully and effectively with people inside or outside of the department.

josh-g-1Josh Grappy, a forensic computer specialist with the SID digital forensics unit (DFU), received the Leadership award from Director Wernecke and SID Assistant Directors Jennifer Cunningham and Dan Fodor. Here are just some of the reasons he was nominated:

“Josh does josh-g-2not sit back and watch the world go by, he is making things happen within our organization. Josh has a high level of perseverance, stick-to-itiveness and drive. He can be counted on to get things done. Josh not only meets the customers’ expectations, he regularly exceeds them.”

Please, join us in thanking and congratulating each of the SID award nominees and recipients. They are the reason we are able to meet our mission: To effectively and proactively prevent losses to the workers’ compensation system and to deter, detect, investigate and prosecute workers’ compensation fraud.

You can read the first article about our Sept. 14 event here, the second article about the event here, and our most recent annual report here.

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