How much is saving a life worth to you?

By Ellen S. Nasner, BWC Education and Training Services Manager

The success and worth of education and training are difficult to measure, even if you administer evaluations, tests, etc.   We train and educate people to be safe, which inherently is hard to measure because a workplace primarily reports when something was not done safely and the result was an injury or accident of some type. By definition SAFETY means “the condition of being protected for or unlikely to cause danger, risk or injury.” So, for the more than 400 classes and thousands of online courses we deliver each year, it is not often we are able to measure how much saving a life is worth.

Recently a woman that took one of our classes notified us about how worthy it was to her in saving a life. The Director of Financial and Administrative Services at Salem-Pacific Rubber attended a First Aid in the Workplace class at our Canton Service Office. She emailed us the following story of how she helped save a life based on the training she received from BWC.

“Yesterday, an employee was experiencing what he thought was a heart attack.  The second shift foreman came to my office for me to come out on the plant floor for assistance.  The employee was conscious Aspirin between fingers.and able to talk to me, so I got him aspirin to put under his tongue to let it dissolve and told him not to drink any water.  I called 911 for an ambulance that transported him to the emergency room. This morning, I received a phone call from that employee.  He said:  “thank you for saving my life.”  He was told that the aspirin had saved him. He had a blockage and had a stent put in last night and is doing well.  Please let the instructor of the First Aid in the Workplace know how grateful I am for his class, and that the BWC offers it as well!”

How much is saving a life worth to you – or your family and loved ones?  We think priceless…and all of our education and training is available to BWC policyholders at no cost day-in and day-out.  If you are an employer or employee of an entity that pays workers’ compensation insurance in Ohio, why not take advantage of your BWC benefits?  You just might save a life – and then you can tell us how much our education and training is worth to you.

Visit the Education and Training Services section of the Division of Safety & Hygiene Services Catalog at to see the classes available to you…and how to enroll today!

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