Employer Fraud: When your competition isn’t paying… you pay more!

Fraudulent employers hurt honest employers. When employers cheat the system, honest employers have to pay additional premiums and are placed at a competitive disadvantage. Here’s how:

BWC maintains a State Fund to pay for services provided to injured workers. This fund can be seen as a pot of money that must be filled by Ohio’s employers. For every dollar dishonest employers don’t contribute, honest employers are forced to pay an extra dollar. Fraudulent employers are then able to undersell honest employers due to their lower labor costs.

We recognize the impact this causes to Ohio’s employers. In 2005, our department created the Employer Fraud Team to exclusively investigate this type of fraud. Since its existence, the Employer Fraud Team has identified the following common employer fraud schemes:

  • Employers operating without workers’ compensation coverage or ceasing to pay for their workers’ compensation coverage;
  • Underreporting payroll by misclassifying and misrepresenting types of employees;
  • Falsifying a BWC Certificate of Premium Coverage to appear to be compliant; and
  • Shifting payroll to different policies to avoid negative experience ratings.

Do you suspect an Ohio employer isn’t playing by the rules? Let the Employer Fraud Team know. Visit http://bit.ly/reportfraud to anonymously report fraud online, or call 1-800-644-6292 to speak with a fraud hotline agent.

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