Safety Council of the Year Awards: Stark County takes top award

By Michelle Gatchell, BWC Communications and
Michelle Francisco, BWC Safety Council Program Manager

On May 2, BWC held the annual Safety Council Leaders Conference in Columbus. Every safety council in the state was represented at the meeting, where ideas about program management, speakers, topics and how to reach more employers were shared.

Safety Council Mgr Mtg 2016

Managing a safety council is usually something added to a person’s regular job description and that is part of what makes those who serve in this role such an amazing group. They care about the employers and employees in their communities enough to go above and beyond in service to them.

BWC is the sponsor of the Ohio Safety Council Program, but it is the local sponsors, managers and steering committees that develop the monthly programs for their local businesses to benefit related to safety and wellness. To find out more about safety councils click here.

The ripple effect that safety councils create never stops. That ripple may someday save a life of one of your loved ones or friends. Important work they are doing when you think about it in terms of saving lives and ensuring employees can return home unharmed after a day’s work. BWC wants to thank those who manage and maintain safety councils and all those who are members. You are our ambassadors of safety and health in your community.

Last year brought Ohio two new safety councils, in Wood and Wyandot counties.

The first two safety councils were formed in 1931. They were the Greater Cleveland and Lorain County Safety Councils. The safety council program has benefitted Ohio workers for 85 years.

At the Safety Council Leaders Conference BWC presented the 2015 Safety Council of the Year awards. BWC judges selected eight councils from 24 finalists. There were four honorable mentions. Those recipients are:

The Safety Council of the Year fourth place honor goes to the West Central Ohio Safety Council.  (Pictured below: Deb Katzenmeyer, Craig Hohenbrink, Acting BWC Administrator/CEO Sarah Morrison and Amy Ricker.)

west central safety 2016

The third place award winner is Summit County Safety Council. (Pictured below: Bill Silver, Acting BWC Administrator/CEO Sarah Morrison and Sally Cox.)

Summit Co safety

The Safety Council of the Year second place award recipient is Ashtabula County Safety Council. (Pictured below: Andrew Kelner and Acting BWC Administrator/CEO Sarah Morrison.)

Ashtabula safety 2016

The number one safety council in the state for 2015, serving almost 300 members, is the Stark County Safety Council. (Pictured below: Michelle Francisco, Connie Cerny and Chris Zabel.)

Stark Co 2016 winner

Congratulations to all of these safety councils. You and the rest of Ohio’s safety councils are all to be commended for your excellent service to Ohio employers and workers.

If you’re not already a member of a safety council, we encourage you to look into one in your area. We list all the safety councils on our website here.

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