Don’t overlook this important part of risk management

Rich Gaul, BWC Safety Technical Adviser

At BWC, we are committed to assisting businesses in fostering a safe and healthful workplace.  As an employer, you recognize that keeping your most valuable asset – your workforce – safe and healthy is the cornerstone of a successful business.  That’s why back in 2010, BWC modified its drug-free workplace program by integrating it into safety and health management strategies that create a more holistic approach to managing risk in your business.  BWC’s Drug-Free Safety Program (DFSP) gives you the tools you need to make your workplace safer by reducing the chances of a work-related injury.

It’s a proven fact that safe workplaces result in fewer accidents, lower workers’ compensation costs, and greater productivity and product quality.  Managing the risks associated with alcohol and other drug use is an important part of total risk management, and BWC can help.  By enrolling in BWC’s Drug-Free Safety Program, not only will we assist you with creating and implementing a drug-free program that is right for your business, but you may also qualify for significant rebates on your workers’ compensation insurance premiums.

How does the DFSP work?

The DFSP has two program levels.  Eligible employers may elect to join either level of the program.

Basic Level

Participating employers receive a 4-percent rebate by meeting all of the following program requirements.

  • Completion of an online safety self-assessment;
  • Online accident analysis reports;
  • Accident analysis training for supervisors;
  • Employee education;
  • Supervisor skill-building training;
  • Alcohol and other drug testing;
  • Written drug-free policy;
  • A list of community resources for employees requesting assistance with substance issues.

Advanced Level

Participating employers receive a 7-percent rebate by meeting all the basic level requirements as well as these additional advanced level requirements.

  • Conduct annual 15-percent random testing
  • Complete an online safety action plan to improve safety deficiencies identified during the safety self-assessment described above in the basic level.
  • Pre-establish a relationship with a substance abuse professional and refer employees who test positive for a substance abuse assessment. The employer must pay the cost of this initial assessment.
  • Offer a second chance employment plan to employees who test positive and are willing to complete a treatment plan.

How to apply

To access detailed program information or to apply for the DFSP, visit, select Ohio Employers, and click on the Drug-Free Safety Program link under the Programs tab.

  • Private employers may enroll for the program year that begins July 1 by submitting an online application to BWC by the last business day in May.
  • Public employers may enroll for the program year that begins January 1 by submitting an online application to BWC by the last business day in November.

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