OSC16 – A look back in photos

By Michelle Gatchell, External Communications

Thanks to everyone for coming to OSC16, WE hope you found your road to safety!

Wednesday morning registration kicked off the three-day event.  090077

Administrator Steve Buehrer opened OSC16 to a packed house, with many watching in the overflow room.
015         106

Our three general session speakers spoke to full houses as well, each bringing a message all could take back to work and put to use.

The first general session speaker, L. Casey Choosewood, M.D. talked about the importance of Total Worker Health. Watch video.019

Jason Barger took a look at how to handle our busy schedules.

Mark Kowaleski showed how NASA does safety from Earth to Space.
Watch video.

Lots of networking and purchasing in the exhibit Hall!OSC_16_D2047

064 OSC_16_D2051 OSC_16_D2029
OSC_16_D2030    080
081    113

MCO’s, safety councils and PEOs were at OSC16 to help employers and employees.026 spooner aultcomp

Your Road to Safety might have taken you by the BWC Service Station where we offered full service for all things workers’ compensation, including prevention of accidents and care of injured workers.OSC_16_D2042






There were more than 30 tracks to choose from, and almost all of them offered some form of continuing education.
OSC_16_D2071 OSC_16_D2073 OSC_16_D2008

Many took advantage of the hands-on experience at the OSC16 demo area.031 OSC_16_D2034 OSC_16_D2061

Our Safety Innovations booth spawned lots of good conversation about making workplaces safer.
057 050

Safety Innovations Awards honored some of Ohio’s innovative thinkers.

First place and People’s Choice award went to the same company, Coopers Farm Feed &  Animal.OSC_16_D2026

Also, running concurrently to OSC16 was the Ohio Workers’ Compensation Medical & Health Symposium where pain and nueromusculoskeletal were the hot topics for the two-day symposium.symp combo

If you’re sharing your #OSC16 or #OMHS experience on a blog, newsletter or other platform, let us know by leaving a comment here so we can tweet about it! If you have event photos you’d like to share with other readers, just post a link to your shared file in the comments section below.

Many thanks to those of you who shared your experiences via Twitter! Here’s a storified look at tweets.

We look forward to seeing you all again next year! Thanks thanks for making this year such a success, and #BeSafeOhio.

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