Face-to-face interactions a benefit to your business

Let’s meet at Safety Congress & Expo 2016!

By Luke Hultberg, Safety Congress Assistant

In today’s high paced, high tech world there are plenty of ways to interact, network, message and socialize with individuals, but what is the most effective? Americans have multiple technologies available to help connect, interact and exchange ideas, but there’s still great value in good, old-fashioned face-to-face interaction.

That’s why BWC offers the Ohio Safety Congress & Expo (OSC16) as a venue for you to network with fellow industry professionals and meet face-to-face with experts in workplace safety.

Consider a Forbes Insights* survey of 760 business executives that found 59% said while their use of technology-driven meetings had increased during the recession in January 2008, the majority of executives still declared a preference for face-to-face meetings. Reasons given to why they prefer the meetings included:

  • They build stronger more meaningful relationships;
  • They like the ability to “read” another person’s reactions;
  • They benefit from the social interaction.

At OSC16, you’ll have numerous opportunities to meet with and hear directly from hundreds of workplace safety professionals who can help you bring your safety program to the next level. Six thousand representatives from businesses, organizations and government entities attend the three-day event to learn techniques for injury and illness prevention, rehabilitation, return-to-work and cost savings. They also shop for services, industrial supplies, safety equipment and gear in the Expo Marketplace.

Join us March 9 – 11, 2016 at the Greater Columbus Convention Center and benefit from this personal meeting opportunity. Registration is now open.

*The Case for Face-to-Face, Forbes 2009

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