Putting our data to use

As the sole provider of workers’ compensation insurance coverage in the state, BWC possesses a comprehensive set of data not available in many other states. Putting this data to use can offer insight into a number of issues that challenge the entire workers’ compensation industry and offer guidance on improving care for injured workers.

That’s why BWC contributes to research and participates in studies that can be instructive to us here in Ohio, as well as our counterparts across the nation.

Lumbar Diskography and Failed Back Syndrome in Patients Receiving Workers’ Compensation is one recent example.

The findings of another study, Chronic Opioid Therapy after Lumbar Fusion Surgery for Degenerative Disc Disease in a Workers’ Compensation Setting, were used in updating recommendations in the Official Disability Guidelines, which is widely utilized across the workers’ comp industry.

“We appreciate the support and collaboration of Ohio BWC in continuing to refine the ODG guidelines to most accurately reflect the ever-growing evidence base regarding potential therapies for workers’ compensation and general health populations,” said Phil Denniston, President of the Work Loss Data Institute, which publishes ODG.

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