Massillon woman bets wrong; fraud scheme ends up a bust

Brenda Pumphrey of Massillon (Stark County) claimed a workplace injury caused her to lose use of each hand, one arm and one leg. After surveillance at a West Virginia casino showed no limp and full use of her arms, Pumphrey’s luck ran out and she ended up pleading guilty to workers’ compensation fraud.

An investigation into Pumphrey’s claim started with a speeding ticket. SID received an allegation from a BWC Customer Service Specialist that Pumphrey was issued a speeding ticket in Stark County on a date following her claimed loss of her ability to use her upper extremities.

A case was opened and a review of the claim showed that Pumphrey’s physician of record had continuously advised that she was unable to use her extremities but was reluctant to obtain some treatment that was advised.

Agents conducted surveillance of Pumphrey visiting her doctor’s office. Additionally, Pumphrey’s bank records showed a high volume of ATM and debit card activity at the Mountaineer Casino, located in Chester, West Virginia. Video from the casino showed Pumphrey walking with no noticeable limp and with full use and range of motion of both arms.

The physician concluded after seeing the casino video that it appeared Pumphrey had intentionally deceived him. The Ohio Industrial Commission terminated her Permanent Total Disability benefits.

On Friday, Oct. 16, Brenda Pumphrey was sentenced on her previously entered guilty plea to a felony count of workers’ compensation fraud. She was placed on community control for three years and ordered to pay restitution of $9,192.75. Pumphrey will serve six months in jail if she violates the terms of community control.

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