Fraud Awareness Week begins Nov. 15!

Fraud Week LogoThanks to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners sponsorship and the power of social media, fraud awareness is spreading. We’re joining forces with more than 150 companies and organizations to educate the public about different types of fraud happening all over the world.

This campaign encourages business leaders and employees to promote anti-fraud awareness and education to help minimize fraud’s impacts.

We’re taking a stand and making it clear to potential fraudsters we’re on the lookout and using sophisticated detection methods to find them. Ultimately, there’s a serious price to pay for committing fraud.

Since 1993, our Special Investigations Department has researched and reviewed 115,474 allegations of workers’ compensation fraud, completed 62,985 investigations resulting in 2,485 criminal convictions and identified nearly $1.7 billion in savings.

Workers’ compensation fraud can be committed by an employer who isn’t truthful about the amount of payroll reported for workers’ compensation premiums, a claimant faking an injury to get some time (and money) away from work, or a medical provider who is overbilling. These are just a few examples.

Read more about International Fraud Awareness Week here and stay tuned throughout the next week for tips, articles and new cases here on our blog,, and also on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

2 thoughts on “Fraud Awareness Week begins Nov. 15!

  1. they need to look into some of thease hearing officers that denie injured workers their rites when they have more then enough medical proff and dpctors to prove they are temp total instead they look the other way and denie you so you starve ,cant pay the bils, and suffer with pain but those people that frauds workers comp should pay to the full extent of the law alot of employers try to get out of paying as well they should pay as well thank you


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