Seated at the summit: Benchmarking for peak performance

By Jeff Baker, Program Administrator, BWC Special Investigations Department

To meet our ongoing commitment for improvement, BWC’s
Special Investigations Department (SID) works to foster an ongoing exchange with our counterparts both in Ohio and nationally to keep on top of the best fraud prevention strategies.  Last week, we participated in an Ohio Insurance Fraud Summit, sponsored by our colleagues in the Ohio Department of Insurance.

SID Dan Fodor 2Dan Fodor, the special agent in charge of the SID Intelligence Unit, participated as a subject matter expert on two panel discussions: “Emerging Fraud Trends” and “Data Mining as Part of a Fraud Prevention Plan”. He is uniquely qualified to speak on these topics. The Intelligence Unit he has successfully supervised since 1999, identified $37 million in savings during the last fiscal year alone.

Of course, the specific content of the panel discussions is confidential. Otherwise, would-be fraudsters might think themselves capable of using the “inside information” to avoid detection. Access to the summit was restricted by invitation only to those with a demonstrated need to know. Nonetheless, we can report that the effective benchmarking that occurred at the summit will generate even greater performance results for each participating law enforcement agency. As Dan noted, following the summit:

“It was a great opportunity to share some of our successes and experience in detecting insurance fraud. Bottom line, you have to think like a criminal to catch one.”

Thanks to effective collaborations, such as this summit, SID and its allies are increasingly realizing their mission to deter, detect, investigate and prosecute insurance fraud.

You can read the past posts about our SID Director here and our most recent annual report here.

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