Welcome to the new BWC blog!

Why do we call the blog Prevention & Care? Because everything we do at BWC ties to two simple goals: the prevention of workplace injuries and care of workers who are injured on the job.

With this blog, we plan to keep you informed with the most recent updates from BWC, as well as offer helpful information and tips on a range of issues. So whether you’re an Ohio employer, worker, medical provider, other stakeholder, or just an interested citizen, we hope you’ll find our blog informative and useful.

This blog features sections covering a number of topics of interest to our customers and partners. We kick off today with a post covering one of the most important aspects of workers’ compensation – prevention – because a focus on safe workplaces keeps Ohio workers healthy and productive.

Abe Al-TarawnehAbeAltarawneh leads BWC’s Division of Safety and Hygiene and he appropriately kicks off our safety category with a post reflecting on the importance of making safety a priority in every workplace.

The Case for Safety
Many of us wake up in the morning and head out to work without thinking about it. While we all tend to resist change, we humans are the most adapting species. We are very habitual and most of our attitudes, behaviors, and/or in/actions are dictated by what is acceptable to the collection of the rest of us. This explains how our parents, grandparents and their grandparents took huge risks and performed work under extreme conditions while exposed to major hazards. In my office, I have pictures of kids, probably 12 to 15 years old, who worked in mines at the turn of the past century. Abe's picture 2Most of them with dirty faces and tired eyes, yet they had beaming smiles. Knowing what I know about the working conditions in mines, I wonder how life turned out for these kids as they became older. I wonder if any of them suffered from black lung disease, back; knee and/or shoulder injuries. How did they handle the pain of sprains and strains without Tylenol? And, when my mind wanders to the extreme, had any of them died by asphyxiation in a confined space or in a tunnel collapse? Sometimes, I wish I could talk to them as I am sure that each one of them has stories that surpass the best of fiction.

I am so glad that we do not live in the world these kids lived in and I can only hope that our kids and their kids will live in a much better world than the one we live in today. A world where nobody would lose a limb or a finger, be overrun by a forklift, be killed in a car accident, lift heavy loads all day long or repeat the same movement with the same body parts throughout a shift.

Our role in safety goes much beyond pointing out hazards and telling people how to fix them. If we confine ourselves to that role, which is an important day to day role, then our work ends at the end of the work day. Yet, it shouldn’t, because our role in safety is creating a better world for those who we love and care about for generations to come. Our achievement is measured by how we positively affect people’s expectations of a safer and better world for all of us. This is what safety is about, it is about improving the standards of living for us and then more by paying it forward to next generations.

There will be a world for future generations in which occupational fatalities and injuries, car accidents, traffic fatalities will be a thing of the past. And, we will be smiling somewhere…

Thank you, Abe, for sharing your insights into safety.

We’ll post weekly updates we hope will help inspire Ohio employers and workers to elevate their awareness of and attention to safety in workplaces across Ohio. So bookmark or favorite this site, and come back every Tuesday for the latest safety blog post.

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