3 thoughts on “Injured Worker

  1. I would like an explanation on; why does the they amount of education received many years prior to a work injury matter when determining permanent total disability that has both physical and psychological allowances on the claim. Also, why do the attorneys who represent the injured employee know what the chances of your PTD being approved or denied are based on the Commissions hearing officer you get? Do these people realize they could be determining whether a person continues to live or perhaps that doesn’t matter to anyone at the bureau. Please do take the time to answer these for me, as I am a rather disgruntled person who has been relying on the bureau to work for me for over 10 years now. Also, the bureau needs to realize that people can have good days, the difference between being able to work and working is the ability to work at a scheduled time. Pain doesn’t have a schedule and can prevent someone from adhering to any kind of work schedule. Are there jobs that allow to just show up when you feel ok enough and then not show when you are not well enough, wouldn’t that be great if there were. Also, when I met with a vocational rehab person during the first year of my claim, she said I would be required to look for work at least 40 hours a week. How is that even possible for someone who can’t even tolerate sitting in a regular chair (I have a recliner) for more than 15-20 minutes without having to change positions several times and in doing so looses focus on what they are trying to do. I can only guess that many have similar questions as I do, which could be the reason the “Injured Workers” blogs are “coming soon”. Have a great day for me!


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